Angels and Unicorns and Zombies ... oh my!

Join us for an evening of trick or treating startup style….

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Only A Few Days Until the Startups Come Out to Trick or Treat.. with perhaps a few Zombies Among them.....








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When:  Friday October 28th, 2016   6PM – 10PM

Where: Urban Workshop  365 Clinton Ave, Costa Mesa

Why:  Trick or Treat Startup Style


Bring your own treats.  If you bring a few extra
to share with friends, we’ll have more than enough
for everyone.


An Amazing 1 month membership at Urban Workshop
for Best Costume

A Incredible 1 year membership
with Inventors Forum for Best Mentor Treat

Additional prizes: 
Trader Joes / Starbucks gift cards 
for 2nd, and 3rd place Costumes



A Bit of Extra Fun: Carve an Emoji Orange or Pepper Contest

Bring a carved Orange or Pepper with a unique twist and see if you can win one of our prizes…. (light them with mini battery lights.. please no candles).

When the doors open at Urban Workshop at 6PM it will be transformed into the first Startup Haunted House™,


Startups:  Please come dressed as a witty take on one of your favorite companies

Inventors and makers:  Please come dressed as your favorite inventors or inventions.

Mentors and Investors: Okay… so you’re coming as the adults… so technically you don’t HAVE to dress up; unless you want to come as an Angel, a Vampire VC, or something fun. You can also bring your older kids and have them dress up for you…

The Founder and Inventors will all be looking for special treats from local mentors, merchants, and EiRs (Entrepreneurs and Experts in Residence from local Universities).. so read on….


Startup Founders & Teams: hand a mentor (EiR – Expert or Entrepreneur in Residence) a basic executive summary  (executive-summary-template-for-teams.)  It can be shorter than this one, but this is a good example of the real thing.  You should have at least your Pain, Solution, Market, and What Makes You Unique.

Inventors and Makers:  You can substitute a patent cover sheet if you like.

Mentors/EiRs (STARTUP TREATS): Give our your favorite startup related treat: a favorite article, a business book, company coffee mug or other corporate bling, a gift card for a cup of coffee, or any other startup related goodie that you think is cool. (Min giveaways to participate: 10)

Students:  Take a stab at a short Executive Summary of a company or bring your resume/CV

Community Business Giveaways encouraged from Local Businesses, who would like to participate. (Min giveaways to participate: 10 –  These can be coupons for services for startups.)

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Urban Workshop is only 6 minutes from

Applied Innovation at UCI Research Park.


You don’t have to travel far to get to Urban Workshop. It’s only 6 minutes from UCI’s Research Park and Applied Innovation.

Hop over at the end of the day and join us for this unique trick or treat event with local Mentors, Startups, Inventors, and Makers.

365 Clinton Street, Cosa Mesa, CA


inventors forum

Inventors Forum

The Inventors Forum [501(c) 3] is one of the largest inventors’ groups in the United States. Formed over 20 years ago as a small group of inventors we now have hundreds of members. We help to educate each other on how to research, develop and protect our inventions.

urban workshop

Urban Workshop

Urban Workshop is the 3rd largest DIY workshop and MakerSpace in North America and they provide the highest caliber of tools and equipment for their members to use along with the instruction needed to use it safely and effectively.

University Mentors from UCI, Chapman University, Cal State Fullerton

University Mentors

Mentors from various universities in Orange County, also known as EiRs Entrepreneurs or Experts in Residence, will be on hand to meet and get to know the startup teams, inventors, and makers

Founders Kin

Founders Kin is a dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs. Our purpose is to enable founders to get acquainted with one another, share their challenges, insights and resources, and most importantly to build relationships within the startup community.


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